May 15, 2020

The International Soldier of Mystery

TALES OF VALOR EP. 33: Larry Thorne / Lauri Törni | According to Major Larry Thorne's dad in a biographical piece he said, "My son was born to be a soldier." Well not only was Thorne, or his given name of Törni, a decorated soldier in the Finnish Army, but in order to continue the fight against the Soviets actually fought under the Waffen SS Banner for a time before being imprisoned in Finland. Eventually finding a pardon from the President, Larry made his way to the United States via Sweden and Venezuela and was able to enlist in the U.S. Military. He would go on to become a well known special forces soldier, becoming a decorated soldier in the Vietnam conflict. 

This guy's story is unbelievable; a true international soldier of mystery! Stay battle ready my friends!

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