September 18, 2020

Let’s Get Into the Fight.

TALES OF VALOR EP. 51: Master Sergeant Thomas Patrick Payne | On his 14th deployment, Pat was part of a team assigned to plan and conduct an operation to rescue over 70 Kurdish prisoners being held by ISIS barbarians in Iraq.  The team soon received horrifying intelligence that the terrorists were planning to massacre their captives and bury them in freshly dug graves.  Pat and his teammates raced into action.

After midnight, on October 22, Pat boarded a helicopter and departed on a mission to free the hostages from two buildings guarded by dozens of ruthless and bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists.  He was in command of a team clearing one of the compounds.  As soon as the ramp to his helicopter went down, Pat rushed into a blistering hail of gunfire.  Pat and his team swiftly overpowered the enemy, secured the building, and freed 38 of the hostages.

Then Pat received word that the rest of the assault team was facing harsh resistance in another complex.  Pat turned to one of his fellow soldiers and said, “Let’s get into the fight right now.  Let’s get into the fight.”

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