May 18, 2020

How Quickly Things Can Break Bad

TALES OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: Shawn Bandy and partners from Detroit Police | In this half-history, Dave brings a story from December 5, 1998 to the table. In this story, Officers Shawn Bandy, Lloyd "Mike" Todd, Ramon Childs, Jeffrey Bonner and David Pomeroy (among other responding officers) stepped up to face pure evil.  On that fateful night where Officer Bandy paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to his community, the officers were attempting to stop a vehicle wanted in connection with a kidnapping and robbery of a woman and her 10 year old child. 

In the words of David Pomeroy, where we discovered the dispatch audio from that night, he had shared this to remind officers "how quickly things can break bad on the streets." And for those who are not in law enforcement as "an opportunity to feel what we feel on a daily basis."

In our most somber episode to date, we remember Officer Bandy and also stand with the survivors of that night, including Officer Todd who struggles with his injuries to this day.

Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you.


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